If you’re going to be out in the world wearing funny t-shirts and making people laugh with just your mere presence, then you really need to take a hard look at the types of shirts you’re wearing before you drag them out in public. T-shirts are not the same as spoken words. You can pick and choose who you speak your words to, but you can’t monitor who is looking at your shirt.

The first thing you need to consider before wearing funny shirts out in the wide world is the level of stupidity your shirt implies about you. There are some pretty stupid shirts out there that may seem cute and charming at first glace, but that are actually just dumb. Shirts that feature crushed beer cans, girls in bikinis, or both come to mind. Remember that whatever your shirt says, it says about you.

The second thing you should be aware of is the language your funny tees use. There are pretty much three levels of curse words, and I think we all know what they are without me listing them here. The tamest level are words that you can hear on Network television, the medium level are words that can be in a PG-13 movie, and the harshest level would give your movie a hard “R” rating. If you are going to be anywhere that kids may even remotely be, then play it safe and don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t see on prime-time T.V.

The last thing to consider before choosing what to wear from your funny tee shirts is the imagery on your shirt. There are lots of shirts out there that have some pretty strong sexual overtones on the design of the shirt. These images are in no way acceptable to wear in public, so just don’t do it. Be thoughtful of any family groups you may encounter. Would you want your kids seeing that at the supermarket?

The best thing to do is to just be aware of your surroundings. Your funny apparel needs to be appropriate to what you’re doing and where you’d be going. If you’re going to a bar for drinks with friends, then it’s okay to where your shirts that may be a little bit raunchy. A bar is a setting for adults, and you can dress appropriately. If you’re going to the park to grill out…then maybe leave the clothes with the dirty words on them behind, okay?

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Meeting people isn’t easy for anyone. We all have problems making a connection and engaging a stranger for more than a few short moments. You never know when your next great friend is walking by, so it can be difficult to know who to engage and who to let walk on by. When you wear funny t-shirts, however, you no longer have to make that decision.

When you throw one of these funny t-shirts onto your back, you have a duel affect on people who see and read it. It can draw people towards you and push people back with equal force. The good news is that the people it draws in are likely the ones you wanted to speak to anyway, and the people it pushes away are very likely not.

Humor is an instant bond between two people. The great thing about humor is that it is extremely subjective. There are many people who will completely shun some jokes while laughing to tears at others. Because of this, it is typical that a commonality in humor means a commonality in other areas. People who find certain things funny are very likely to enjoy the company of others who find the same things funny. It’s a simple law of attraction.

The shirt you’re wearing can also serve as a means of pushing away the people you wouldn’t really care to talk with anyway. The great thing about wearing funny t-shirts is that you are also wearing a piece of your own personality on your chest. You are broadcasting enough of yourself that others can get a small sample of what you’re like. If they dig it, you can make a new friend. If they don’t, then you really didn’t want to hang out with that person anyway.

Your sense of humor is one thing that makes you who you really are. When you put on your funny t-shirts, you are effortlessly retelling a joke that you love to everyone who can see it. The people who laugh are the kind of people you want around you and the people who don’t are not the kind of people you want to spend time with. Funny t-shirts make the introduction much smoother. With a funny t-shirt, you know who your friends are before you ever know their name.