Having A Great Time In Funny Irish Drinking T-Shirts

December 31, 2012

Every year when I go out for Saint Patrick’s Day I see these insane people, who I doubt are even full-blooded Irish, wearing the most outlandish garb I’ve ever seen outside of Mardi Gras. I wear my required green, but I’ve never been into wearing funny Irish drinking t-shirts…until I tried it once.

I have a lot of fun on Saint Patrick’s Day by going out and partying hard, just like most everyone else. I have an Irish grandparent on both sides of my family, so there quite a bit of Irish pride flowing through my veins. That’s part of the reason I always thought dressing up in the costumes and Irish party tees was a bit disrespectful.

One of my friends managed to get me drunk enough before we headed to the bar last year to put on one of his silly Irish shirts. Even though I was totally smashed before we ever set foot out of the door, I was already determined that this whole t-shirt business was a terrible idea.

I am very pleased to say, however, that wearing hilarious Irish t shirts to the bar on Saint Patrick’s Day makes everything so much more fun! There is a sense of camaraderie that you feel when you throw yourself head-first into a celebration like that, let go of your inhibitions, and let yourself have an awesome time. I had so many drinks bought for me that I probably should have just packed it up and went home way sooner than I did.

Coming from the viewpoint of someone who has never approved of crazy costumes and acting silly just for the sake of showing everyone around you how enthusiastic you are, I have to admit that celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with great Irish t-shirts makes everything so much better and SO much drunker! If you haven’t found your green yet, I suggest you jump on the Internet and start looking now!


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